Fabio Encinar was born in Madrid in 1991 but it wasn’t until two decades later, in the London streets of Holborn, that the designer Encinar emerged. 


It was here where, before the beginnings of his university career, he came into contact with the world of fashion. 


Encinar passed from the prestigious establishment of Central Saint Martins to the classrooms of IADE in Madrid, where he started his Design studies. Having only just finished his first course, Encinar was already working for the Bilbao designer Ion Fiz, to whom he was an assistant for two and a half years. Unlike most other students, he was granted access to the understanding of the process of textile production and how a fashion label works from the inside. Afterwards, he worked in other workshops and businesses within the sector; and at the same time finished his studies and took the first steps towards forging his own path through a world that is not always so simple. 


With this grounding, Encinar presents Alérgeno, his first complete woman’s collection. Social changes within the 20th century, photography and traditional and technical attire form part of the design vocabulary, which seeks sophistication by way of a certain formal sobriety, recognising that elegance and femininity are adaptable and, in the 21st century, often unexpected. From Polanski to the photojournalism and subcultures of the last decades, Encinar’s visual influences fuse together to create a universe of references that never fails to achieve beauty in the least expected way. Rural and urban, conscious of the past yet radically now, his personal mark is based upon a concern for materials and subtle games of texture and tone, resulting in a minimalism not exempt from architectural complexity. His designs trade ostentation for a depth of nuances, brilliance for balance, baroque for monochrome, self-evidence for evocation. And this, he believes, is what people want from their clothes: evocations that introduce subtlety and a touch of mystery to the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. 




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